How to Wear Leggings Anywhere

We've all fallen in love with those perfect pair of leggings that you could simply live in and never take off. So why not wear them everywhere you go, including work and play, to stay comfy and stylish at the same time? With a few tips and creativity, you can look amazing in your go-to leggings.

Go Long

Wearing a snug, comfortable pair of leggings with a longer shirt is a fun way to enjoy the day, no matter where you're headed. Pair our soft Heather Grey Legging with a tunic or long T-Shirt and cinch it at the waist with your favorite technique, including a knot, belt, or pin. Some low-profile shoes and a simple necklace tie your look together.

wear leggings

Embrace Color

Who says leggings have to be black, grey, or neutral? Although we love those options too, we adore the Devotion Legging that's ready to handle a workout or dinner out with friends. The super flattering cross-front detail complements a crop top or short shirt. A white or grey open sweater cardigan keeps you warm while eating outdoors and elevates your look.

Class It Up

Enjoy a quality go-to pair of Suzie Legging for work or working out. The high-quality material in a simple classic color goes with anything. Add a T-shirt, hoodie, or fun shirt, and add jewelry to jazz it up. A pair of slip-on shoes keep you on the go or comfortable throughout your workday.

Add More Layers

Beyond comfort, one of the best things about leggings is their versatility. You can keep your look sporty with a T-shirt and wrap a longer button-up shirt around your waist. Or add a short jacket to black leggings and a black shirt underneath for a night on the town. Slip-on a pair of strappy sandals to your layered look to dress up your leggings as much as you want.

Mix It Up

It's fun to wear leggings all day, but make sure you mix it up to keep your style looking fresh. Choosing different colors and patterns is one place to start. Or be bold and pair with colorful tops for an ever-rotating wardrobe. Whatever you wear, make sure to regularly wash and hang-dry your leggings to keep them looking new for as long as possible. 

Wear the Right Undergarments

It's tempting to reach for the standard go-to cotton underwear, but it can make your day of comfortable leggings anything but cozy. Cotton often traps sweat and moisture and keeps you feeling less than fresh. Instead, pair your leggings with quick-wick, moisture-control underwear for a dry and comfortable day. A non-slip waistband also doesn't hurt to make sure your leggings look as smooth and seamless as possible.

Shop for Leggings

Create your own go-to legging wardrobe with our supportive and soft collection from Isla Movement. Our activewear inspires you to get moving in the gym and everyday life without compromising on quality or comfort. Browse our collection of leggings and bottoms here