How to Revolutionize Your Day with a Good Sports Bra

The first sports bra was invented in 1977, and just a few years ago, the media was still reporting on the sorry state of the industry. Sports bras were unsupportive, too tight, uncomfortable, or, well, kind of ugly. Today, the sports bra industry has finally arrived with softer options, flattering styles, and the support we need for an active lifestyle. Here's why you need more sports bras and your life, and why you should give them a second chance if it's been a minute since you stocked up your collection.

Stay Dry All Day

Women all know that feeling of sweating into their bra and feeling less than fresh the rest of the day. Sports bras are designed to withstand tons of movement, sweaty workouts and still keep you feeling comfortable.

Quality sports bras are made from high-performance fabric to keep your sweat under control, like our Sweat Bra. Unlike other bras, it was designed with a longer length and high neck for high-intensity workouts. Some of our other options come in a super soft core fabric that keep you feeling comfortable and dry throughout the day. 

Keep Your Chest in Place

There have always been rumors floating around that sports bras somehow flatten your breasts, but it's not true. According to Dr. Blake from the Cleveland Clinic, wearing a bra, or skipping it altogether, doesn't impact the shape of your breasts or cause "breast ptosis", otherwise known as sagging breasts. Instead, it would help if you focused on what makes you comfortable and keeps your breasts in place for a secure feeling during workouts or an active day.  

Workout on the Go

One of our favorite things about designing athleisure is providing women with a way to work out on the go. Have you ever found yourself with an extra hour or two on your hands and want to go on a jog or bike ride but not dressed appropriately? Many women also aren't prepared to get active if they're not wearing a supportive bra underneath their clothes. When you're wearing something stylish, comfortable, and workout-ready, you're always ready for a dose of fitness. 

Get the Right Support

Some women feel fine going braless while relaxing or doing a quick errand. Many of us feel pain and discomfort when just our skin and ligaments are supporting our breasts. A sports bra offers support for an active lifestyle and also limits movement, even if you're not exercising. The result is a more supportive and comfortable way to spend the day, whether you're playing with your pup or hitting the gym. 

Stay Comfortable All Day

One word: Underwire. For many of us, underwire is a word we shudder at and hope to never find in our wardrobe again. Sports bras are underwire-free but were initially made to be so tight; they weren't comfortable for everyday wear. Like our Staple Bra option, today's sports bras are soft, picture-perfect, and are ready for lounging or a day on the go.

Turn Your Sports Bra Into a Style Statement

Traditional bras may hide under your sweatshirts, but sports bras can be worn as their own style statement. Our Divine Bras come in Candy Pink, Heather Grey, and Heather Indigo. They offer more coverage than a traditional sports bra and pair perfectly with some stylish leggings. You're ready for lunch with friends or a jog on the beach without missing a beat. 


Shop for Comfortable Sports Bras

Sports bras are a must-have for your wardrobe, whether you plan to uplevel your workouts or just want to stay comfortable no matter what you're doing. Create your own sports bra collection with our soft, supportive, and stylish selection from Isla Movement. Our activewear inspires you to get moving in the gym and everyday life without compromising on quality or comfort. Browse our collection of sports bras here.