How to Keep Your Fitness New Year's Resolutions

We've all been there. We set well-meaning, ambitious New Year's resolutions only to struggle and fail within weeks or months. Research shows that 80% of New Year's resolutions fail and require a new approach to be successful. If you want to focus on fitness and health this year, here are some pro tips to turn your New Year's resolution into a reality.

Be Prepared

Keeping a fitness new year's resolution is all about being prepared. In a fast-paced world, you need the flexibility to go for a brisk walk, hop on your bike, or hit the gym at a moment's notice. Pack your resistance bands in your trunk for an on-the-go workout and dress for fitness success. Our selection of leggings is flattering, soft, and perfect for some quick exercise or errands.

Get an Accountability Buddy

Accountability buddies help you stay motivated and on task when you feel like throwing in the (exercise) towel. Team up with a friend for regular workouts, check-ins, and moral support. You can also share your successes and turn your goals into a friendly competition. 

Make It Simple

Keeping fitness New Year's resolutions needs to be ambitious enough to keep you interested but straightforward enough to execute. Trying to commit to 5 am wake-ups, jogs in the dead of winter, and unrealistic weight loss goals are a recipe for disaster. Instead, focus on an achievable workout a few times a week and healthier eating to start. You can incrementally increase your goals as you gather momentum.

Get Enough Rest

Rest is a game-changer, but few people talk about its importance in any New Year's resolutions. Make sure to get plenty of rest to stay motivated and push through your obstacles. After all, you won't care about your resolutions or anything else if you're too tired to function.

Celebrate Small Wins

New Year's resolutions are a process, and even the smallest milestones deserve to be celebrated. When you hit that one-month mark of regular workout routines, healthier eating, or a few pounds dropped, go out and celebrate. Enjoy a hike with a friend, or finally make that splurge on the new athleisure wear you've been wanting

Grab the Tape Measurer

Remember, pounds aren't the only way to know you're succeeding at your fitness goals. Some people don't shed pounds but gain muscle or definition instead. Grab the tape measurer and note the changes to see how your fitness New Year's resolutions are taking shape.

Forget the All or Nothing Mentality

New Year's resolutions aren't high stakes and cutthroat, with few exceptions. Don't throw in the towel every time you stumble and fall off course. Instead, make part of your New Year's resolution about persistence and longevity, no matter your setbacks. 

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