Empowering Women Through Activewear

ISLA Movement's goal is to empower women to achieve their dreams. We create high-quality, ethically-sourced activewear that keeps you active in the gym or daily life.

Made in LA

Our line of activewear and accessories is made and manufactured in Los Angeles. We are proud to employ the local community and support area talent.  

Ethical Manufacturing 

We respect all of our employees, their hard work, and the talent they bring to ISLA Fitness. Our team is paid more than California's minimum wage and is given annual raises. They're also provided sick days and paid time off.


We don't just empower women looking to stay active and achieve their dreams; we also fuel the success of women in our business. We're a woman-owned company and work with woman-owned (and family-owned) manufacturing facilities.

Premium ISLUXE Fabric

Our high-quality ISLUXE fabric features a peached texture for super soft comfort. Its high-spandex content optimizes your performance and offers good compression for a four-way stretch. With enhanced durability in mind, ISLUXE fabric uses Jersey construction to help you stay active year-round.

Small Batch Productions

We prioritize waste elimination and reduction in our high-quality, limited collection of clothing and accessories. Our small batch production reduces our impact while our team repurposes any leftover fabric to create accessories. We also use digital patterns and alternatives like compostable mailers that break down within six months to eliminate as much waste as possible.